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AcuLife by LiveWave

Aculife patches are a drug free alternative for your horse. Based on the science of acupuncture or acupressure, they will help reduce the level of pain in your horses for a better performance! Since they are drug free, made from natural materials, you can safely use them in AQHA and APHA events.


The AcuLife patches are used by top PRCA cowboy such as Joe Beaver, Martha Josey, Trevor Brazile, Roy Cooper, Kaley Bass and by top Cowboy Mounted Shooter Elizabeth Clavette! They are also used by top athletes in every sport!


AcuLife Patches provide:

Fast Pain Relief

Decrease Pain and Inflamation

Can be used of overall pain relief or localized pain

Improve the energy flow through out the body

Drug and needle free!

NO prescription needed!

Can be used in AQHA events

Balance the flow of energy in the body

Improves the body's internal communication with itself


Here are two studies done by the Journal of American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association


Infrared Thermal Imaging with Horses


Responsiveness of Horses to Biofrequency Modulation after Acupuncture Palpation


AcuLife Placement Brochure


To order your AcuLife Patches  visit http://aculifenow.com/ click on the buy now button. When prompted please enter Representive number 815879

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